Geoffrey L. Gogan, Architect

"Well crafted, appropriate, budget conscious design"


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Offering good, practical design solutions since 1984
To growing families and businesses - Low Overhead - Reasonable Fees 
Specializing in Residential and Commercial Additions and Alterations

Also a Licensed Professional Planner with experience before many Planning and Zoning Boards

Helping growing families and small businesses with well crafted distinctive, but practical, maintenance free, energy efficient, well integrated additions, alterations and new buildings.

Builders, owners, inspectors, realtors, managers, as I work on larger projects, I can always quickly take care of small jobs, urgent Bldg Dept. and permit related issues, - structural calcs - beams, Lally Column removals, basements, decks, porches, kitchens bumpouts or wall removals, attics, dormers ....Email us now to set up a free consultation and we will provide a written proposal for the services you need.
We don't just hand you the plans.  If needed, we support you through Bidding, Permitting, and Construction.
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Best way to initiate is email  - include your address, any photos, description of project

How will you benefit?
Join the 1000's of 
families for whom we've designed 
Custom buildings, additions, and renovations. 
  • Just the right size, yet maximizing your "Build-out potential" 
  • Healthy for you as well as nature (Green & Sustainable -energy efficient)
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Disciplined cost controls - affordable 
  • Well crafted with "Fit and Finish"
  • inspiring and marketable with great return on your investment 
  • Your building will look pleasing and respond to functional requirements -
  • Solving real practical physical problems  - shelter, structure, warmth, fresh air, safety, comfort, food storage, preparation and family dining, energy supply, tranquility, rest, hygiene, communications, built in storage, etc.
  • Also adding something special that distinguishes your spirit - beauty - yet balancing the aesthetic with the practical.  You can benefit from my decades of practice so that proportion and detailing is just right, but.. 
  • Most of a "building" is invisible -    
  • The way it processes structural forces, BTUs, moisture, fresh air, fresh water, waste, noise, the earth's heat, and sometimes even filtering - storing water and growing - storing food, gathering - storing power,  etc.  In many ways the biological and cognitive systems in a building become extensions of our own body.
  • Our basic fee includes incorporation of the latest (and some of the oldest) technology in every project - can include  Geo-thermal HVAC, radiant heat, spray foam or other special high R-Value Insulation, efficient windows and doors, tightly sealed envelopes, fresh conditioned filtered air, passive and active - photo-voltaic solar, and sometimes fire-proof light guage metal framing.
    Aside from "Good Design" you will receive:
  • Early construction cost estimates for your approval along with the design sketches
  • Completely detailed documents and specifications clearly describing to the contractor what you expect for your money.
  • Professional Competitive Bidding Process, Contractor Selection, negotiation of a fair AIA Contract and Payment Schedule,
  • Permit expedition and then inspections and other support during construction as needed.

We will help with any size project from a simple basement, kitchen or deck to a large addition or new home.  The office has purposely been maintained in a modest low overhead manner in a ground floor retail setting with parking right out front providing easy friendly access.  Walk-ins welcome to meet directly with Geoff.